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Cobb Digital Library

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When using school iPads to access Cobb Digital Library, please do the following_ Go to cobb.mackinvia.com Username_ Student ID (lunch #) Password_ network (school computer) password


  • email Mrs. Cochran for password, changes quarterly

Library Catalog – Destiny 

  • Log into Destiny just as you log into school computers; same username and password.

Office 365 Access

Office 365 Access


  • Free and unlimited 24×7 access to  over 10,000 enhanced digital books.
  • To get started: Go to www.myON.com and click Log in now.
  • ​School Name: Get Georgia Reading (Note: Do not cut and paste, instead start typing “Get Georgia” and select from the drop down menu)
  • Username: cobbcounty   
  • Password: read  
  • Click the Sign In button and select a book to start reading. Use quotation marks around the title for best search results, e.g. “The Count of Monte Cristo”


  • Creativity Room
  • iPads and laptops
  • Lesson collaboration
  • Meeting/ study rooms
  • And more!!